Welcome to my world

Anthony is undoubtedly a wonderful technical resource, with great problem solving skills, but let's not overlook the skills that make him a positive, valuable employee: Anthony is one of the very best relationship builders in the business. He is bright, articulate, and he meets the problem situations with a smile that comes across in person, or on the phone. He gets the job done through people in a win-win manner that limits "back slips" and compromises.

Casey M.


I became serious about photography when my daughter was born over twenty years ago. Enjoying photography as a hobby, requests for family portraits and wedding shoots start coming to me. Then a church I attended had a photography project they wanted completed. This is when my brother Kurt Asplundh took me under his wing and taught me the ropes of being a real photographer.

Martial Arts

My martial arts journey began in 1985 in Newark, Ca at Golden Dragon School of Karate. Because of work I left the school and was blessed to live in Hawaii for a short time where I had the opportunity More...