The martial arts in me

My martial arts journey began in 1985 in Newark, Calif under Grand Master Pete Morales at Golden Dragon School of Karate in Kajukenbo. Because of work, I left the school and was blessed to live in Hawaii for a short time where I had the opportunity to train with Master Martin Buell for a few months and then Ahgung Tony Ramos. Upon returning to the Bay Area, I continued my training at Golden Dragon School of Karate and received my First degree black belt in 1992. Between 1992 and 1999 I was promoted in rank to 4th degree black belt and awarded the title if Head Instructor and eventually Chief Instructor.

When Grand Master Morales decided to close the school in 1999 to spend more time with the family, I continued my Kajukenbo training under Professor Ron Esteller at Esteller Martial Arts Academy.

Relocating to the Central Valley in 2005, I choose to expand on my escrima skills and began training in Serrada Escrima under Pangulong Guru Darren Tibon at Angels Disciples. In 2006 I helped form the nonprofit organization United States Filipino Martial Arts Federation and served as Treasure for 2 years.  In 2009 I was the 34th student to receive my Advanced Certificate of Completion.

In 2010 Grand Master Pete Morales promoted me to the rank of 5th degree and the title of “Sifu”.